BORN TO YOG 発起人 / ダーマヨガ正式指導者

ダーマヨガ正式指導者・BORN TO YOG主宰。
2008年、初体験でヨガの虜に。十余年にわたるメディアビジネスの最前線から身を引いたのも早々に、2010年には米国屈指の老舗流派『ダーマヨガ』が本部を構えるNYに渡り、世界的ヨガ指導者ダーマ・ミトラ直結のもと、昼夜問わず歴戦の強者たちと同じ釜の飯を食らうがごとく修行を重ねる。同年、参加者中唯一のフルスカラシップ生としてダーマヨガ正式指導者の免状を授かりヨガの指導を開始。2011年にはダーマヨガをベースとした独自のヨガメソッド『BORN TO YOG』を発起し、東京を拠点としながら更なる自己の研鑽と後進の育成に力を注いでいる。革新ヨガマットYOG MATのファウンダー、アサナに特化した先生育成コースBTYTT陣頭指揮など、ヨガを次の時代へと誘う。夢はヨガポーズが世界一格好いい男になること。

Vege Sato is a certified teacher of Dharma Yoga. Founder of BORN TO YOG (a method of acrobatic yoga asana training), CEO of YOG MAT(a revolutionary yoga mat), and Director of BTYTT(an asana intensive teacher training) as well.
He has spent more than 6 years practicing Dharma Yoga almost every day, and tries to live the life of a yogi fully. His first yoga teacher Tomo Sato, was the person to bring Dharma Yoga from NYC to Japan. It took only a few days for her own dream to become their shared dream. Tomo and Vege are now married. After retiring from hectic media business in his 20’s, Vege started learning directly from Sri.Dharma Mittra in NYC. After months of intensive training in NY with his guru, he received certification to teach Dharma Yoga as the sole scholarship recipient in 2010. He is the first Asian to be listed on the webpage of Dharma Yoga HQ as a World Wide Teacher. Vege has been teaching Dharma Yoga for over 4 years straight in Tokyo without a single day off.
He is the proud father of a 3-year-old-boy and a months-old girl.

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